Hi there! My name is Valerie. I’m petite at 5′ tall (hence my blog name, haha) and have recently discovered my love for fitness, health, and wellness after embarking on my journey in the bodybuilding world.

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and currently reside in upstate NY. I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Business Administration/Marketing in 2014 and also received my Master’s in Business Administration  in 2016. 

I love spreading positivity to others and realize that in this digital age, inspiration is right around the corner if you know where to look. I myself seek inspiration through digital mediums, and want to be able to give back through Petite and Strong 🙂  

Fun facts about me: I love traveling around the world, have been to 3 countries in just one day, and have been to 16 countries!

Feel free to say hi and contact me at valerie.chews@gmail.com 🙂